On December 31st 1959 suddenly died in Modena Romolo Ferrari , famous in the guitar environment for his intense activity of teacher, composer, organizer of musical events and parades. Born in Modena in 1894, he was taught in his first musical studies by his father, then he started studying the playing of the double-bass, obtaining the degree at the Conservatory “G. Rossini” in Bologna. Yet his favourite instrument was the guitar,which he studied under the guide of the famous Maestro Luigi Mozzani. His life was deeply committed to the studying of the guitar instrument , which he developed in several directions with passion and energy:he was infact both a tiringless scholar
and researcher, wrote deeply-analysed biographies about past guitar-players (still having a great importance today), he divulged the ancient and modern guitar-repertory cooperating with the publisher Benedetto Berlini, who had founded in 1946 in Modena the famous musical publishing house (Berben). In years of attentive researches he succeeded in gathering a wide library (enriched by rare editions and original manuscripts), which he opened to his pupils, friends and to all were attending his house; the latter became a meeting place for guitarists, not only living in Modena.
Starting from 1933 he organized the yearly-held meetings with the name of “Giornate chitarristiche”(“Guitar days”), which took place in different Italian and foreign cities and which became a great occasion of confrontation for all those were dedicating themselves to the studying of the guitar instrument. In 1951 he founded the company of music “Ivano Ferrari” (it was given its name by his son, a talented guitarist prematurely dead) and he engaged himself in organizing noteworthy guitar parades, to which many artists of international level took part , from Andres Segovia to Ida Presti, from Maria Luisa Anido to Siegfried Behrend. He succeeded in divulging these various events through two specialized magazines, which Ferrari created and superintended , with the aim of gathering and putting the guitar world in contact (more precisely they are the magazines La Chitarra and L'Arte Chitarristica . A man endowed with a wide musical culture, energetic, daring but at the same time humble and methodical in his studies, lively and witty, Romolo Ferrari deserves being remembered for his role in promoting the musical and guitarist life of those years. Still today all those who knew him retain a sense of commotion and of affection towards him, expecially the several pupils whom he always encouraged and followed with paternal attention. His deep committment in the musical world has left a deep mark not only on a local and townish level, but also on the wider level of the national guitar renewal.

Simona Boni